Friday, September 23, 2016

Get Successful with Network University

The Network University offers programs designed for business building. They are easy to use and mostly done-for-you.

You can have your own personalized money-making website.  Visit to obtain instant access to a website in addition to other money-making programs.

Here's one example:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Opportunity! Build Infinite Wealth Today!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

network university in depth

The Network University is a membership organization that offer members a easy shopping format and a variety of exposure means for their businesses.
There is no cost to join the network university, and the rewards of membership are numerous.
Network University is dedicated to helping  it’s  members, to start their own business and successfully build it through promotions and services that will assist  in it’s operations. You will have access to many educational films and articles designed to keep you informed.

We provide the tools and the program’s that will be beneficial in helping members to grow, learn, earn and save.
When members join the network university and link their business they receive the proven benefits of associated advertising. The Network University advertising campaigns both email and print are presented aggressively to assure maximum exposure. Being listed on the vendor's page with many well searched advertisers  will generate traffic to their Business. 
The Network University’s Newsletter, mailed monthly, will help members business stay informed on new trends and will include tips and video presentations to help their business grow.
There are numerous programs that linked members can use that are sure to make the every day task’s of running a business easier. There is tax consultation provided by our in house tax specialist, pdf tax forms are aviliable to print or fill right on line and can be viewed for accuracy by our
Specialist. There is also travel planning by our in house travel agency and our travel watch service can be very helpful in controlling cost for your future travel.
The network university’s direct connect program offers business members an opportunity to get leads that match their specialities. When other members post a need that matches one of your specialties, you are notified and provided an opportunity to provide your services.

Members can sponsor a radio program on the network universitys radio show streamed across the internet weekly

 members receive a professionally produced audio commercial designed to accent their business when they link with us and it  will be played during our programing for the 1st week of membership seven days.